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Judy worked closely with Street Dixon Rick Architects to design our original site,, a site that's easy to understand and beautiful to see. And very important for us our site is easy to update with new photographs, honors, awards and project descriptions.

Sybil McLain, Marketing Director,
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Web sites.

Each Web site we create is designed to shine and is hand crafted with care and skill.

Email marketing.

Ease. Impact. Results.

Social Media.

Making it all make sense so your message is shared clearly, brilliantly, easily.

You own your content.

We build sites that let you manage it with the Content Management System that works best for you.

We do other things.

Podcast. Edit and integrate audio and video with your Web site. Move data. Talk to you on the phone. Answer questions. Ask questions. Do our job. Enjoy life.

Our Services: Baked-in Goodness

At the core of Site Shack's philosophy is the belief that it is better to do a few things well than do many things not so well. This belief allows us to focus on four vital elements of what we define as a first-rate online strategy:

1. Web sites.

Our Web sites are built using "Web Standard" XHMTL/CSS in either a stand-alone format or in tandem with Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Silver Stripe or a custom CMS created specifically for your needs. State-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is baked into each site Web site and performance can be tracked through Google Analytics and server generated traffic statistics. We work closely with each client to shape and nurture superior page placement on search engine return pages (aka "SERPS").

Web sites can serve multiple purposes: We can and do implement custom blogs (using WordPress), ecommerce solutions (using Drupal or Miva Merchant), image slideshows (using Flash, jquery or other devices such as a Flickr feed), audio and/or video integration with additional presentation using Feedburner and iTunes. If there's something you'd like your Web site to do, just ask us and chances are good that we can deliver it.

Web sites are accessed via multiple monitors and platforms ("Fifty-three percent of US adults 'access the Internet wirelessly'"): The days of viewing the Internet via your massive 19" CRT are gone. The online world is now served up any which way and increasingly, on the palm of your hand. Web sites and the online world now pop up on everything from 30" flat panel monitors to that loveliest of tiny displays: the iPhone's crystal sharp 3.5" screen.

So how does your site measure up? Talk to us about creating a mobile version of your Web site. We believe the benefits will strongly outweigh the generally nominal cost.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you build it, they will not necessarily come. At least not right away. And maybe not in sufficient quantities. Without a doubt, Search Engine Optimization is the most important ingredient in a successful Web site, "successful" being defined as meeting defined goals in terms of traffic and user actions (which basically translates to purchasing your product). Strictly speaking, it refers to the use of keywords and keyphrases strategically used in the copy and HTML elements of a Web site.

Of course we stir healthy portions of SEO into each site we build, but it's possible and very desirable to move beyond that and into the larger realm of link tracking, competitive analysis (e.g. how do you stack up against competitors?) and expansion through social media and blogs (a type of social media).

Talk to us about creating an SEO strategy for your Web site. We promise that the process will be painless, surpisingly easy and full of rewards.

3. HTML email.

You've seen these — attractive and compelling emails that arrive either in a graphical or text format, announcing everything from a big sale to the monthly news. Site Shack is an EMMA® email marketing co-agent, which means that we give you your very own EMMA® account area from which to generate emails (using custom stationery designed to harmonize with your Web site or other marketing design), manage your mailing list(s) and track recipient results in real-time — along with all of EMMA's other fabulous bells and whistles.

When utilized with a thoughtful, creative approach, email marketing can be a highly effective means of increasing your visibility and communicating with an ever-wider audience. Links to a landing page can result in new customers and sales; company news can be shared quickly; you can learn what your customers want and need overall and specifically: EMMA® offers surveys and forms at no extra charge and results can be viewed immediately.

4. Social Media Strategies.

Described in broad terms, Social Media is "media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques." (thanks to Wikipedia for this definition). Chances are very good that you already use social media, whether it's a Facebook page, a Twitter account or even a Flickr or Picassa site. But if you're not using social media to extend your company brand, then you're not taking full advantage of it.

The recipe? Matching brand with the application(s) best suited to spread your message meanwhile working with and building off of your SEO strategy. Site Shack can discuss implementing everything from a beginning plan to a fully realized strategy encompassing integrated applications and fresh content development via Twitter, Facebook and other devices.

The Wild World Wide Web. Tumblr. Analytics. Twitter. Facebook. Google. Blog. Micro-blog. WordPress. Bing. Tweet. Yelp. Digg. Podcast. Skype. SEO. Geotag. Wiki. Flickr. MySpace. YourSpace. Kongregate. Aggregate. Bloviate. Huh?

How do you make sense of it, much less put it to work to grow a business, spread a message, sell a product? It's easy. Just pick up and call us: (615) 228.4757.

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