At a Glance: Standard Squarespace Services

  • Design and development of Squarespace website
  • Incorporation of content (text, images, gallery + other content elements)
  • Creating a basic "keywords" list based on client services etc.
  • Organic SEO implementation using built-in Squarespace tools
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Engine console
  • Site launch (connecting the domain name with the website)

At a Glance: A La Carte Squarespace Services

  • Training in Squarespace basics to advanced level
  • Basic walk-thru training in use of Squarespace Analytics, Google Analytics and Google Search Engine console
  • Custom coding
  • Email setup through Squarespace G-Suite (Google business apps + Gmail)
  • Ecommerce development
  • Design, setup and full integration with Mail Chimp marketing tools
  • Talk to us about fully establishing a social media platform: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter business pages

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows a user to purchase a domain name (if needed) and setup a website using a Squarespace template of choice. We then utilize an impressive array of tools to build out the website's design and content.

Squarespace is also referred to as a SaaS ("Software as a Service") platform, meaning that it offers customers a fully managed system, including (besides a choice of templates) its own custom block-based page building system, on-demand support, and secure serve space/hosting. New features are regularly introduced. Documentation is abundant and up-to-date.

For persons wanting an ecommerce website, Squarespace offers a robust e-commerce solution, supporting physical and digital products and services, as well as a payment processor, back end inventory management plus shipping, accounts and tax support.

Squarespace additionally provides solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resources, image editing, email marketing campaigns and more. There is even an option for logo design.

Our Squarespace Services

Standard Squarespace design & development

At Site Shack, the first steps in the process of building a website remain generally consistent among all types of applications. These steps include discussion of client needs and target audiences, creation of the site map (or blueprint) and preferences for layout, imagery, color palette, fonts and so on. Once these components are settled on, we begin to build.

This construction begins with the selection of a Squarespace template (or theme). Squarespace templates are all designed for the mobile web and are known for their clean, sophisticated layouts. While the templates all share similarities in appearance and function, each one has unique characteristics, which affect the overall design. It's possible to switch templates in the early stage of development.

For more information, see a tour at Squarespace website design tour.

When we set up your Squarespace website account, it will be assigned a special website address/URL which will continue to function even after launch. During development, the client can use this URL to follow the process in real time. We appreciate your input during the development phase.

Squarespace Circle Membership Benefits

Site Shack is a Squarespace Circle member, which means that we have access to valuable benefits, some of which directly impact the client:

Circle members' benefits include:

  • The client's trial period extends for six months, giving Site Shack and the client ample time to complete the project prior to launch and payment.
  • New Site Shack Squarespace clients receive a 20% discount off their first year of any Squarespace annual plan.
  • Site Shack and Clients benefit from specialized support from Squarespace's award-winning Customer Care team.
  • Site Shack can participate in testing Squarespace's newest features early, which helps Squarespace shape the platform with Site Shack's and clients' feedback.
  • Site Shack receives advance notice of upcoming improvements and integrations, and receives weekly product news, so that we're well-informed on the newest design/function options when we build your website.

Immediately prior to launch, each website we build is reviewed at browserstack.com, an application that provides a full range of test browsers and devices to confirm your website's ease of viewing on mobile screens and desktop operating systems/browsers. We make sure that your website will display properly on any screen.

During development, Site Shack utilizes all of Squarespace's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resources to make certain that your site is easily found online for all relevant keyword queries.

Renovation & Repair

In general, the issues we see with Squarespace websites mostly concern a need for content edits, updated design and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These types of issues can usually be easily resolved. In some cases, a few hours of client training can also help to make sure the problems do not return.

What does Site Shack love about Squarespace?

We love Squarespace because of its smart design, beautiful templates and its famous, world-class, ease of use. Unlike WordPress.org, which relies on external hosting and the owner's or developer's need to make ongoing updates, Squarespace is self-hosted and requires no such user maintenance — meaning no user worries. This work is expertly handled for you on the "server side" at Squarespace.

Squarespace regularly provides new features and improvements — such as the newly launched (4/24/19) email marketing and campaign application.

Squarespace comes with abundant built-in integrations, including Getty Images, Unsplash, Eventbrite, Disqus, PayPal, OpenTable, Google Maps, and more.

See for yourself a list of Squarespace's features at www.squarespace.com/feature-index.

Is Squarespace right for you? Site Shack has built or assisted with building approximately forty Squarespace websites. In past years, we've taught an "Introduction to Squarespace" class and have regularly trained clients in the basics of editing and modifying their Squarespace website. We believe that Squarespace is a superior platform for individuals and businesses wanting a visually rich, highly functional website that offers its owner(s) a clean and relatively simple interface for content management.