About half of Site Shack's WordPress work involves taking over older WordPress sites. In some cases, the client may only require content updates. But more often, there are concerns with outdated software versions, underperformance in search engines, and/or risks for or actual evidence of security breaches and hacks.

Note: Following a no-cost telephone discussion, our process for this type of work requires an initial one hour mimimum assessment of the website's general condition, especially as regards the presenting problem(s). The results of the assessment are handed off as a PDF to the person requesting the information. At this time, the decision can be made to have Site Shack repair the problem(s), assuming the site is a good candidate for repair.

Site Shack also provides individual and group training in all areas of WordPress development and maintenance. If you have a WordPress website but are unsure of how to use it (including updating it), please contact us..

You may use the form below to provide specific information about your WordPress website. We will respond within 24 hours (if not sooner), not including weekend hours.

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